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S4 conference

Day 3 – Wednesday March 7

9:00 Doors open
9:30 Todd Little On the Merits of Parceling
10:20 Jan de Neve Regression models for rank tests when samples are small
10:40 Sanne Smid Bayesian SEM with Informative Priors: Precautions and Guidelines
11:00 Coffee and Tea Break
11:30 Marielle Zondervan Searching prior information to solve small sample size issues in SEM
11:50 Marthe Egberts & Duco Veen Increasing power of statistical analyses through collaboration
12:10 Duco Veen & Maartje de Klerk Improving the Assessment of Individual Phoneme Discrimination Performance
12:30 Lunch and poster round 2
13:30 Diana Zavala-Rojas Bayesian Estimation of the True Score Multitrait Multimethod Model with a Split-Ballot Design
13:50 Sara van Erp Shrinkage priors for Bayesian penalized regression: An overview and tutorial using Stan
14:10 Caspar van Lissa MetaForest: Exploring heterogeneity in meta-analysis using insights from machine learning.
14:30 Coffee and Tea Break
15:00 Yves Rosseel Small Sample Solutions for SEM
15:50 Joop Hox  Small Data At Any Level? Problems and Solutions
16:40 Young Researcher Award ceremony
16:45 End day 3

find the pdf of the summarized agenda here