S4 conference


Announcement: Considering the COVID-19 situation, the S4 conference will be postponed to June 2022

The second Edition of the S4 conference will be organized June 7-10, 2021; with pre-/post-conference workshops on June 7 and 10. Impressions from our First Edition


S4 conference

Researchers often have difficulties collecting enough data to test their hypotheses, either because target groups are small, data are sparse, hard to access, come along with prohibitive costs, or the study participants come from a population that is prone to drop-out. Such obstacles may result in data sets that are too small for the complexity of the statistical model needed to answer the research question. Researchers could reduce the required sample size for the analysis by simplifying their statistical models, however this may mean that the ‘true’ research questions remain unanswered. As such, limitations associated with small data sets can restrict the usefulness of the scientific conclusions and might even hamper scientific breakthroughs.

The field of solutions for issues with small data sets is rapidly developing and fast computational solutions and methods are becoming increasingly available in free and proprietary software. The aim of the S4 conference is to bring together researchers working to provide Solutions for Small Sample Size and to share information, learn about new developments and discuss solutions for typical small sample size problems.

The conference is made possible by a VIDI-grant from NWO.