S4 conference

Key-note speakers

Are all data small? – Daniel Oberski

Has THIS ever happened to YOU? You’re a researcher with a question, but don’t know what data would answer it? Or how much data?? “Mommy and daddy – am I a small dataset?”. You’re a dataset and would like to answer researchers’ questions, but don’t know which questions are answereable? And with how much confidence?? If…

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Mixture Models for Longitudinal Data with Small Samples – Daniel McNeish

Growth mixture models (GMMs) are a popular method to uncover latent subgroups with longitudinal data. Harnessing the power of GMMs in applications can be difficult given commonly encountered convergence difficulties when fitting GMMs to empirical data. These issues often lead researchers to modify their intended model with constraints to ease estimation. Despite multiple methodological studies…

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Small Sample Size SEM – Albert Satorra

I will give an overview of my small sample size SEM experiences, elaborating their connection (both algebraic and in methods) with modern and old practices in statistics. I will discuss practical difficulties and recommendations, contrasting the small sample size problems of SEM with the ones arising when the sample size is too large. Albert Satorra…

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