S4 conference

Key-note speakers

Are all data small? – Daniel Oberski

Has THIS ever happened to YOU?

  • You’re a researcher with a question, but don’t know what data would answer it? Or how much data??
  • “Mommy and daddy – am I a small dataset?”. You’re a dataset and would like to answer researchers’ questions, but don’t know which questions are answereable? And with how much confidence??

If you are looking for final, absolute, and universal answer to these perennial questions, come to my talk!

If you suspect there is no such answer – come to my talk!

Machine learning theory! Measurement error! Philosophy! Math! If you’re wondering what any of these have to do with the above questions, or why I seem to be shouting them out – come to my talk. You won’t believe what happens next!

Daniel Oberski
Utrecht University