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S4 conference

Poster Presentation Schedule

Posters presented at poster round 1 (day 2 of conference)
Ariadna Angulo-Brunet How to handle ordered responses with floor and ceiling effects in SEM using small samples?
Lies Declercq How can methodologists make multilevel modeling more accessible for applied researchers who use single-case experimental designs?
Dino Gibertoni How to correctly perform log-rank tests in a study population of 15 observations and less than 10 events?
Laleh Jamshidi The methodological quality of single-case experimental studies meta-analyses
Mariola  Moeyaert How to Improve Bayesian Estimation When Synthesizing Single-Case Experimental Design Studies’ Random Effects’ Variance Components
Naomi de Ruiter Studying temporal dependence within and between variables for (mixed-method) data with small samples?
Petr Soukup Inference for samples from small populations – Frequentist or Bayesian solution?
Paula Vrolijk How to deal with high attrition in a small complicated data set?
Posters presented at round 2 (day 3 of conference)
Tasha Beretvas How can we obtain unbiased ICC estimates for small sample size datasets?
Shuyang Dong Can latent growth modeling (LGM) and growth mixture modeling (GMM) be used with a sample size around 100?
Ole Gmelin How to deal with small sample sizes at the group-level for Dyadic Data Analysis in Speed-Dating Contexts?
Annegien Langeloo How to analyze a cross-lagged multilevel model to compare two small groups?
Silvia Radulescu How to analyze a sample with few data points per participant in a familiarization paradigm in artificial grammar learning?
Yue Song How to analysis the development of sharing across three waves, also the relationship between parenting and sharing during these waves, using a sample size around 90?
Evalyne Thauvoye Is a Bayesian approach the solution for care transition research? Beyond descriptive analysis in a difficult to reach and drop-out prone population.



Abstracts of the posters can be found on the poster presentation page

Conference programme in PDF format. (An online abstract book will be uploaded soon, for now the abstract can be found by clicking ‘Programme’ in the main menu).