S4 conference

Post-conference workshops

Using Multilevel Modeling to Meta-Analyze Single-Case Experimental Design Studies’ Results – Wim Van den Noortgate and Mariola Moeyaert

This workshop introduces the use of multilevel models for meta-analyzing single-subject experimental design (SSED) studies. The course will begin with an overview of multilevel modeling and how the model can be used for SSED meta-analysis of unstandardized data. Next, an overview of how to standardize raw data or effect sizes will be given, and the meta-analysis of these standardized data will be demonstrated. Multiple, real-world examples will be provided as well as opportunities for guided practice for participants. Copies of R-code for every analysis will be provided. Participants need only be familiar with multiple regression analysis and the principles of statistical inference.

Wim Van den Noortgate
KU Leuven

Mariola Moeyaert
University at Albany